Title: The Puppy Who Wanted a BoyThe Puppy Who Wanted a Boy
Author: Jane Thayer
Pages: 30
Recommended Ages: Early Beginners
Star Rating: ★★★★

Puppies and snowflakes = instant win.

The Story.

More than anything else, Petey the puppy wants a boy for Christmas. His mother promises him that if he is a very good puppy indeed he may have one. As Christmas draws near, Petey is overcome with excitement. Soon he will have his very own boy! But when Petey’s mother goes out to find a boy she comes back with dreadful news. There are no boys to be had! All the boys are already claimed by other dogs. Petey is very distressed until his mother suggests that he try to find a dog who is willing to give his boy away.

Petey trots out in high hopes. Surely there will be a dog who is willing to give up his boy! But as the day wears on and every dog flatly – and sometimes ferociously – refuses his requests, Petey begins to wonder if he will ever find a boy. Then he wanders into the yard of the local ‘Home for Boys’. There he finds a little boy sitting on the steps looking as sad and lonely as can be. Forgetting his own troubles, Petey leaps upon the boy wagging his tail and licking the boy all over. The boy is delighted to see Petey and brings him into the orphanage where crowds of boys are playing. Their affection for him is unanimous and they quickly adopt him fulfilling Petey’s Christmas wish fifty times over!


A very cute story with loveable color illustrations. I was pleased that although the dogs talk to each other, there is no verbal communication between the dogs and their humans.

Conclusions. A super-cute read aloud or early beginner’s story.

Review © 2012 Laura Verret

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