Title: Mr. Yowder and the WindwagonMr_-Yowder-and-the-Windwagon
Author: Glen Rounds
Pages: 41
Recommended Ages: 6-8
Star Rating: ★★★

A windwagon? Say what? Whoever heard of a windwagon?

Well, apparently, Mr. Yowder has. Or maybe it sailed into its mind all by itself. At any rate, Mr. Yowder has decided that there can be no better or faster way to travel across the breezy, undulating prairie grasses than to go by windwagon. (A windwagon, in case you never learned, is a covered wagon fitted out with a rudder, anchor, and a main mast with a billowy sail attached to it). But nobody seems to agree with him. All of his possible sponsors ignore or laugh him off.

Finally, Mr. Yowder decides that the only way to prove his point is to demonstrate it, so he piles a few bank presidents into his windwagon and sails off, leaving wreckage and catastrophe in his wake.

Can Mr. Yowder convince his passengers of his point? And once he’s convinced them….. will they live to fund him?

I have no real cautions, only that the story is entirely fanciful – it obviously could not have taken place.

Conclusion. A cute story about a creative (though fictional) man. Mr. Yowder and the Windwagon could also be used as a read-aloud.

Review © 2012 Laura Verret

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