Title: Miss Tibbett’s TypewriterMiss-Tibbetts-Typewriter
Author: Eve Merriam
Pages: 28
Recommended Ages: 6-7
Star Rating: ★★★

The protagonist of Miss Tibbett’s Typewriter is gray-haired, bun-wearing Miss Tibbett who lives in a small room with a large sweet-potato plant and a striped cat. But the star of this picture book is the typewriter with its clackety keys and squiggly letters. Miss Tibbett just loves typing and jingling away on her typewriter!

One day, Mr. Golden (who owns the auto repair shop) stops by at Miss Tibbett’s and requests that she make an advertising sign for him. Miss Tibbett joyfully agrees and the next day a new sign is hung in Mr. Golden’s window. It reads

Come to Golden’s Auto Repair Shop. We ix lats and enders.

Oh, no! It appears that Miss Tibbett’s typewriter has a broken key! Can Miss Tibbett get it fixed before she loses all of her customers?


In a rather cute passage, Miss Tibbett is interpreting what each line of the typewriter sounds like.

There were the rows of keys with letters. The top row went QWERTYUIOP. Miss Tibbett thought it sounded like an early-morning bird calling her to get up. QWERYUIOP, QWERTYUIOP! Even if she tried to hide under the covers, the QWERTYUIOP bird would keep on calling: qwertyuiop, qwertYUIOP!

The next row of letters went ASDFGHJKL. ASDFGHJKL? To Miss Tibbett it was plain as could be. ASDFGHJKL was the sound of a medium-sized elephant’s sneeze. ASDFGHJKL! Kachoo, kachoo. Bless you, medium-sized elephant.

The last row of letters went ZXCVBNM. Now here Miss Tibbett was not so sure. Some days it seemed to her that ZXCVBNM was the name of a prehistoric beast, a third cousin to a Brontosaurus, perhaps. Yet, on other days, it seemed more likely that the ZXCVBNM was a creature from another planet. Was the creature a friend or a foe? She wasn’t at all sure. [pg. 7-8]

There you have it – prehistoric beasts and aliens! Bother.

Conclusion. Still, all in all, a cute book and one which I’m glad I purchased. The illustrations aren’t amazing, but they aren’t that bad either. Miss Tibbett’s Typewriter could also function as a read-aloud.

Review © 2012 Laura Verret

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