Title: Andy and the Runaway HorseAndy-and-the-Runaway-Horse
Author: Jane Thayer
Pages: 48
Recommended Ages: 5-7
Star Rating: ★★★

Written by Jane Thayer (author of The Puppy That Found a Home), Andy and the Runaway Horse is about a little boy named Andy and…. a runaway horse. ;)

The Story.

Andy and his mother are in town for groceries when Andy sees something that he’s never seen before except in picture books: a horse! The horse’s owner, Mr. Donkersloot tells Andy that her name is Alice. Andy watches as Mr. Donkersloot sells different odds and ends to people in town and marvels at what a good horse this Alice is. Why, she seems as much at home on the streets as the cars are!

But one day, when Mr. Donkersloot is napping, a car backfires, scaring Alice and causing her to run headlong down the street. Can Andy find a way to make Alice stop before she hurts someone – or gets hurt herself?


One a few occasions, Andy and Alice ‘talk’ to each other. Their conversations are not put in quotes, it is merely “Alice told him that he was a smart boy” etc.

Conclusion. A cute story; the illustrations are not exceptionally wonderful, but they are endearing. Andy and the Runaway Horse could be used either as an introductory reader or a read-aloud for younger children.

Review © 2012 Laura Verret

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