Title: The Carlton Treasure
Author: Various
Pages: 95
Recommended Ages: 8-11
Star Rating: ★★★★

I have read eight books in the Highlights series. I think this one is my favorite so far.

The Stories.

1)      The Carlton Treasure in which Ted finds a note written by his Uncle Abel which speaks of a vast treasure somewhere in their ancestral home. Will Ted be able to find it?

2)      Island Mystery in which Sarah and Libby, while spending the night on Indian Island, must unravel the mystery of Caccio, the name they discovered on a gravestone there. Just who is Caccio?

3)      Inspector Hector in which Inspector Hector and his client Jenny work side by side to recover her Grandma’s missing rose bush.

4)      Key to the Fair in which Michael has lost the key to Mr. Chun’s fish market, and it’s up to his sister, Lisa to figure out where he left it!

5)      The Orchid Mystery in which an orchid bush is missing from the science room at Erin’s school… and Erin thinks she knows who stole it!

6)      The Case of the Flyaway Parakeet in which Tommy, Marcus, Sam, and Brutus (Sam’s dog) help Jason track down his aunt’s lost parakeet.

7)      The Secret of the Flashing Light in which Dana wakes in the middle of the night and sees a light flashing next door. What can it be? Robbers? A signal for help?

8)      The Mystery of the Missing Newspapers in which Mrs. Stout is complaining that she hasn’t been receiving her newspapers and Ally is certain that she has delivered them. What is happening to the newspapers?

9)      Alone on Misery Island in which Jeff is supposed to be visiting his Uncle Bill, but because of the fog, he cannot locate his uncle’s house. Will he wander in the fog forever?

10)   The Gold Cat Lady Mystery in which David, Susan, and Darren Bradford must find a way to sabotage Sam Jaffe’s attempts to distress a former movie actress. But what can they, three children do?

11)   The Tiger Hunt in which little Marybeth claims that she is going on a Tiger hunt when she returns home, and maintains that she is not lying. But how could this be true?

12)   The Case of the Missing Redhead in which Mitchell and McMurphy’s detective agency help little Becky track down her missing doll.

13)   Mr. Master’s Mystery in which no one admits to having planted the mysterious plants in Mr. Master’s garden. Can Jenny and Pam solve the mystery?

14)   The Zoo Detective in which Sammy is certain that he and his sister B.J. are being followed at the zoo. What can it mean?

15)   The Talking Cat in which Jed must overcome his fear of Old Pete who has injured his leg and needs help taking care of himself.


In all of the stories, the main character exhibits a caring attitude towards those that surround him. Instead of seeking merely their own happiness, they seek to promote the happiness of others.

One brother and sister tease each other about their habits. In the end, they are friends.

Another brother glares at his sister who has just told him something insulting. They too are reconciled.

One girl jokes that certain vines are magical “like in ‘Jack in the Beanstalk’.” [pg. 80] Her friend quickly repudiates her suggestion.

Conclusion. Not amazing, but perfectly innocent.

Review © 2012 Laura Verret

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