Title: Blitz: The Story of a HorseBlitz1
Author: Hetty Burlingame Beatty
Pages: 128
Recommended Ages: 9-12
Star Rating: ★★★★

Horse story. *gasp*

The Story.

Blitz was named for the white streak that zigzagged  like a stroke of lightning down his red brown nose. Born onto the idyllic farm of a horse breeder, Blitz spent his first three years frolicking and learning how to behave in accordance with human orders.  But it wasn’t until Sye Perkins purchased him at the county fair, that anyone realized how appropriately Blitz had been named. Teamed with Sye’s horse, Frank, Blitz could fairly fly! He and Frank begin serving together in the town fire department and together they rescued many houses from being burnt down.

But when an evil man plans to sabotage the fire department, will Blitz and Frank pull through to fight another fire?


Miss Beatty did a great job portraying a non-perfect but happy family. I loved this passage.

Dr. Burns loved his son, and felt bad that he had so little free time to spend with him. A doctor, being on call day and night, does not have an easy life; but shenever something really special came along, Dr. Burns tried to take a few hours off to go with his son. [pg. 73]

Also this sweet passage.

Dave’s father was always glad at his son’s willingness to work for things he wanted. He never teased aimlessly like some spoiled kids. If he wanted something badly and his father couldn’t afford it, he was glad to work for it. It had been like that about the bow and arrows and the football. All summer Dave had worked for them, and Dr. Burns was proud of his son’s efforts. [pg. 76]

After they purchase Blitz and bring him home, Mrs. Burns does not question the wisdom of her husband’s decision. She instead jumps whole-heartedly into his new project.

Mary Burns had a soft heart too, and an inner fondness for the unlikely projects her husband and son were always getting together. She never knew what next, but certainly this was the worst project yet. Dr. Burns smiled fondly at her….

Dave and his father both came out of the stall and hugged her. Even though this was the worst project they’d got into, Mary Burns was as usual more than equal to it, and all on their side. She laughed and kissed them both. [pg. 85]

The only thing that concerned me about the story, was the way Blitz is treated during a portion of the book. In a rather Black Beauty-ish turn of events, Blitz is sold to a harsh owner who feeds him moldy hay and whips, kicks, and generally abuses him. This part only lasts for about fifteen pages, but the treatment is cruel.

Afterwards, Blitz is sold to a young boy who treats him well and nurses him back to good form.

‘Gosh’ is used once.

Conclusion. A fun story with a traditional happy ending.

Review © 2012 Laura Verret

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