Title: Laughing on Butterfly WingsLaughing-on-Butterfly-Wings
Author: Various
Pages: 95
Recommended Ages: 8-11
Star Rating: ★★★★

Another book from the Highlights series, this book is subtitled ‘Long-Ago Stories’.

The Stories.

1)      Laughing on Butterfly Wings in which Kate can think of only one present good enough for her departing friend – flowers that will keep the butterflies with her always!

2)      The Hobo Camp in which the main character’s father tells him stories from when he was a boy and hobos would camp near his family’s farm.

3)      Papa’s Return in which five-year old Eunice’s father has been gone on a whaling trip for three years, and Eunice is scared. What will he be like when he returns? Will she be able to love him?

4)      No-Man’s-Land in which Micah, a Confederate soldier, and his fellow soldiers call their own truce and pitch into a game of baseball with the Yankees.

5)      Belinda in which Nancy’s Pa is away, and the only one available to find help for Nancy’s Ma (who’s in labor) is Nancy. Can she think of a way to do it without abandoning Ma?

6)      Miss Pendergast and the Wolves in which the new schoolteacher, Miss Pendergast has been snowed into her house by a nasty storm. When help arrives nine days later, will Miss Pendergast still be alive?

7)      Caroline’s Gift in which an old woman’s last gift is a letter to the little girl who lives next door.

8)      Two Old Friends in which a tree has fallen on Daniel’s father and it’s up to Daniel to coax their two black mules into pulling the log off of him. Will Daniel’s father be okay?

9)      The Legends of Carcassonne in which a wise woman name Carcas has a plan to release her starving city from the siege Charlemagne has laid upon it.

10)   Crossing Big Blue in which Jesse must guide a team of oxen across a great wide river. Will they make it? Or will they be swept away by the strong currents?

11)   Freedom Day in which newly freed Jamie and her people wish to build a church where they can worship. But how will they ever purchase the supplies?

12)   The Necklace in which Nathan longs to give a necklace to his sister, but must first barter for it.

13)   Magic Medicine in which Caro must tend to a sick little girl in place of her father, the doctor.

14)   Save Savannah! in which Henny saves a Yankee’s life before returning to his home in Savannah.

15)   Stagecoach Ride in which Eve must battle not only will the jolting of the coach, but also with runaway horses!


A school teacher calls books her “magic carpet to all the wonderful places of the world”. [pg. 39]

A woman tells a little girl that a comet is millions of years old. [pg. 45]

On one occasion, a little boy receives contrary instructions from his mother and father. He obeys his father.

A little girl asks for ‘magic medicine’ which, it is explained, refers to something non-magical.

Conclusion. Sweet stories with sweet themes. No big problems.

Review © 2012 Laura Verret

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