Title: Explor-A-Mazeexplore a maze1
Author: Robert Snedden
Pages: 42
Recommended Ages: 10 & up
Star Rating: ★★★★★

The basic idea of Explor-A-Maze is to teach children about the great explorers of the past, while at the same time encouraging children in their exploratory impulses. Ten historical figures/ teams are covered: Leif Eriksson, Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama, Ferdinand Magellan, Captain James Cook, Lewis and Clark, David Livingstone, Roald Amundsen, and Amstrong and Aldrin.

Each chapter is four pages long and includes a tiny biography of the explorer as well as a brief description of his travels. Also, a full-page sized maze is provided which gives children an opportunity to ‘help’ the explorer arrive at his destination. Every page is fully illustrated either with pictures or with designs.

Conclusion. A good, fun resource, Explor-A-Maze will be appreciated both for its information and for its engaging material.

Review © 2013 Laura Verret

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