Title: 882 ½ Answers to Your Questions0-590-18730-9
Author: Hugh Brewster & Laurie Coulter
Pages: 96
Recommended Ages: 10 & up
Star Rating: ★★★★★

Ever had a question about the Titanic? 882 ½ Amazing Answers to your Questions about the Titanic is bound to answer it! Beginning at the very conception of the Titanic, Brewster and Coulter walk us step by step through the building and launching processes before describing the maiden voyage of the Titanic. Information is provided concerning the passengers, the crew members, the elaborate furnishings, and hundreds of other interesting aspects of the Titanic.

Several fascinating lists were included – the menu from the first lunch aboard the Titanic, the details of when each lifeboat was launched and how many were aboard, several messages sent from survivors on board the Carpathia, and information concerning the later lives of the survivors.

On every page are included illustrations and real snapshots to accompany the material being presented. These make the story come alive!


Did you know…

  • The approximate total construction cost for building the Titanic was $ 7.5 million, about $ 123 million in today’s money.
  • The Titanic’s three largest anchors together weighed 31 tons. That’s the equivalent of 20 cars!
  • Although the Titanic was the largest ship in its day, many larger ships have been built. For example, the Grand Princess, with its 18 decks, is twice the size of the Titanic.
  • The Titanic‘s two three-bladed side propellers were each 23 ½ feet across and weighed 38 tons.
  • Two month-old Millvina Dean was the youngest passenger on the Titanic.
  • Sixty chefs and chefs’ assistants worked in the Titanic’s five kitchens.
  • Thirty-seven seconds passed between the lookout’s warning and the impact with the iceberg.
  • In 1894 the British Board of Trade set rules that required ships of 10,000 tons or more to carry at least 16 lifeboats. But these rules were not changed as ships grew rapidly in size. The Titanic, at over 53,000 tons carried the 16 required lifeboats in addition to an extra four collapsible boats.
  • The Titanic created no suction whirlpool as it sank.
  • The Carpathia had to steer around six icebergs to get to the Titanic.
  • At the British inquiry held between May 2 and July 3, The British Board of Trade asked over 1,600 questions of Second Officer Lightoller.
  • Violet Jessup, a stewardess on the Titanic, survived not only the sinking of the Titanic, but also the Olympic’s collision with the Hawke, and the explosion and subsequent sinking of the Britannic.

Many other facts were presented, but these were the most interesting to me.


James Cameron’s Titanic is the topic of several questions (I was delighted that several of the inaccuracies of that movie were mentioned) and a picture is included which shows Kate Winslet in a revealing dress. [pg. 87]

It is mentioned that Benjamin Guggenheim was traveling with “a Madame Aubert, who was not his wife.” [pg. 25]

One set of questions concerns the premonitions different people had about the Titanic. (Questions #346-348)

Answer #517 reports that a Catholic priest gave absolutions to more than 100 passengers before the Titanic sank.

A little boy says that the morning sky looks like a “beautiful North Pole with no Santa Claus on it.” [Answer 567)

Conclusion. An excellent resource both for children and older readers, 882 ½ Answers to your Questions about the Titanic will be an invaluable addition to your Titanic library.

Review © 2013 Laura Verret

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