Title: The TitanicThe-Titanic1
Author: Bob Temple
Pages: 112
Recommended Ages: 8-12
Star Rating: ★★★

This volume is subtitled ‘An Interactive History Adventure’. That is a very sophisticated name for the ‘Choose your own Adventure’ genre. Not sure what that is? Let me explain.

A setting is chosen, in this case the Titanic. Several different ‘story paths’ are presented, in this case the choice to travel as a first class member, a third class member, or a crew member. Once you choose your ‘story path’ you encounter different scenarios between which you must choose – as a first class member, will you have dinner with the Allisons or the Astors? Will you go to top dock at the first alarm, or go to warn your friends? Each choice sends you to a different page where different consequences await you.

There are fifteen different endings that can be reached, depending upon what choices you make. In some of them, you live. In others, you go down with the ship or freeze to death in the waters before you can be rescued.

Because it covered so many different lines, The Titanic was not thorough – it did not include any educational information or historical detail – but it did bring forcibly to mind the consequences of foolish choices. It made me realize just how much (humanly speaking) hangs upon the decisions we make – even as to whether we will live or die. The Titanic made me wonder how I would have responded if I had been the one jolted out of sleepy security to the knowledge that I had not long left to live.

The inside of the book was very pretty – it was not ornate, but it was detailed. The pages were a light brown in color (giving an antiquated look) and lots of pictures and realistic illustrations were included.

‘Luck’ and ‘fate’ are referred to once each as determining outcomes.

Conclusion. Good, but not necessary.

Review © 2013 Laura Verret

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