Title: Little Sure ShotLittle-Sure-Shot
Author: Stephanie Spinner
Illustrator: Jose Miralles
Pages: 48
Reading Level: Beginner
Star Rating: ★★★

Time for a little sharp-shooting.

Her Life.

Little Annie was nine years old when she first began to shoot. And it didn’t begin as a hobby – she shot to provide food for her poor family. And it worked! Annie quickly became a crack shot, and shot so much game that she was able to sell some of it to restaurants.

When Annie was fifteen, she went to live with her sister, Lyda, and brother-in-law, Joe, in Cincinatti. It was there that she participated in her first shooting match. She beat the famous sharp-shooter, Frank Butler for a prize of one hundred dollars! Apparently, that’s not the only thing Annie won, because a year later, she and Frank were married.

Soon they began shooting together in Frank’s shows. Annie learned all of Frank’s tricks and began performing a few of her own. They performed together in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show, and eventually traveled to Europe. Annie even got to meet Queen Victoria and Germany’s Crown Prince!

Annie shot up until her death in 1926. She is remembered now as one of the most talented sharp-shooters in the world.


Ms. Spinner writes that Annie couldn’t understand why a women couldn’t be a lady and a crack-shot, too. She thought she could be both. And I agreed with her; I don’t see anything contradictory in femininity and strength. However, the last page praises Annie for her progressive spirit, clearly contrasting it with “staying at home and taking care of children”.

As a little girl, Annie does something knowing that her mother would disapprove.

Conclusion. An elementary biography of Annie Oakley.

Review © 2013 Laura Verret

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