Title: Annabel Lee, P.I.Annabel-Lee-P_I_
Author: Various
Pages: 95
Recommended Ages: 8-12
Star Rating: ★★★

Highlights Series.

The Stories.

1) Annabel Lee, P.I. When Annabel Lee, Private Investigator, overhears her brother, John complaining of a lost sock, she knows that it is a job for someone of her sleuthing capabilities.

2) The Lost Ring Mystery. Liam’s brother Mike seems so happy! Tomorrow he will marry the beautiful Daphne – right now he is rehearsing the marriage ceremony. But then something goes terribly wrong. The ring, the wedding ring, goes missing! Where can it possibly be? Liam thinks he knows…

3) Turtles and Other Ghosts. Jenny and Beverley are out camping with their brothers, Mike and Robert. Although the boys assured them that camping would be fun, Jenny and Beverley have found it dull. But Jenny thinks she knows a way to make it interesting…

4) The Mysterious Sound. Adam and Doug both love fishing, but, they haven’t had much luck lately. They think that it’s because of the strange sounds that are coming from the island – sounds not quite like a loon, not quite like a moose, but more like a combination of the two. What could this mysterious sound be?

5) The Graffiti Mystery. Margaret McCarthy is very unhappy – someone has been painting graffiti on the alley wall, and she has to clean it up! Will she ever discover who the mysterious graffiti writer is?

6) The Mysterious Birthday Present. Poor Teddy! Sally is so sad that her little brother has chicken pox, especially since it is his birthday. She is equally sad that she has no birthday present to give him. But perhaps, if she used her creativity a bit, she could cheer him up…

7) The Great Paper Chase. Caroline’s brother, Tim, is in trouble. He has a job delivering newspapers and does it very well, too, but somehow, the newspapers are disappearing. If Caroline doesn’t help him find the culprit, Tim may lose his job!

8) Treasure in the Desert. Luis loved his grandfather so much! But now, Don Sebastian is dead – gone forever. But he left behind a note. A note about treasure…

9) Flying Ghosts. Nancy is scared – two screaming, shapeless blurs flew at her while she was coming out of the barn! What could they possibly be?

10) Secret of the Sparrow. Things have been disappearing from Tom and Brian’s tree house – a camouflage cap and a jacket. Where have they gone? And who could have taken them?

11) The Mystery of the Lost Letter. Before she died, Annie and Kevin’s Grammy wrote a diary entry. In that entry, she claimed to have found a letter from Abraham Lincoln himself! Was Grammy wrong, or can Annie and Kevin find the letter?

12) The Dancing Puppets. Bernard is sad. His favorite town, Clearwater, has turned into a ghost town. Still he never expected to encounter any real ghosts…

13) Too Scared to Sleep. Beth and Kelly are camping out on their uncle’s farm. Kelly is enjoying herself, but Beth is scared. And when a mysterious white figure begins banging at the gate, she is even more scared! What can this creature be?

14) The Mystery of the Missing Fish. Steve is so disappointed. His huge salmon, the fish he fought so hard to catch, has disappeared! Who could have taken it?  

15) The Peach Thief. Mr. Johnson has accused Debbie and Janie of stealing peaches from off of his peach trees. But they didn’t do it! Can they prove their innocence?

16) The Trackers. Someone has broken a window in Bob’s house. Can Bob, the super-sleuth find out who it was?


In The Mysterious Birthday Present, Sally is distressed because she has no gift to give to her dear little brother, Teddy. She eventually alights on a creative present which delights him to no end.

In The Peach Thief, Debbie takes care of her little sister, Janie.

In The Lost Ring Mystery, Liam’s brother. Mike, and his fiancé, Daphne kiss.

In Annabel Lee, P. I., Annabel and her brother, John, tangle with each other.

In Turtles and other Ghosts. Jenny and her friend, Beverley, play a prank on their brothers (and do not apologize for it).

On four different occasions, children believe they’ve seen/heard a ghost. All occasions have natural explanations.

TV is referenced several times.

Conclusion. Fairly clean, easy to read stories.

Review © 2013 Laura Verret

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