Title: Storm’s FuryStorms-Fury
Author: Various
Pages: 96
Recommended Ages: 9-12
Star Rating: ★★★★

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The Stories.

1)      Storm’s Fury. Grandpa Peters is old and poor, so poor, that he must sell Golden Boy, the beautiful palomino that Jeff adores. He wishes with all of his heart that Grandpa could keep him – he would do anything to keep Golden Boy! But suddenly, in the middle of a thunderstorm, Golden Boy disappears! Can Jeff catch Golden Boy before he falls into the swamp?

2)      Sarah’s Summer. Sarah enjoys living in the country – it gives her more room to ride her pony, Tandy – but she wishes she had more friends nearby. When she discovers a young boy named Joe hanging around her stables, she wonders – might she have found the friend she’s been looking for?

3)      Conquistador. Every time Juan catches a glimpse of the magnificent stallion, his breath is taken away. Now, as he watches it cavort in the canyon below, Juan imagines what it would be like to own him. Conquistador. That’s what he would name him. But no, it is better that the stallion remain free. But when a truck of expert ropers drives into the canyon, Juan fears that Conquistador’s days are numbered. What to do!

4)      Junior Rodeo. Betsey Davis is ecstatic to be participating in the upcoming Junior Rodeo. She hopes to win the coveted silver buckle, but in order to do so, she must beat Jed and his horse Thunder in two out of three events. Can she beat Jed? Can she win the silver buckle?

5)      The Long Ride. David, a Pony Express rider, enjoys his job, but sometimes it is more difficult than others. And now is one of those times. Charlie has been wounded by bandits and is unable to make his run, so David must do both of their runs. After seventeen hours in the saddle, he is absolutely exhausted, but it is then that he hears a sound behind him. Hoofbeats! Mail bandits! Can David escape from these predators?

6)      Horse and Pony Workshop. Helen, along with her horse, Princess, is attending a riding workshop by Mr. Hibbs. Will it be all rules and safety lessons, or will there be some fun in it, too?

7)      Danny and the Palomino. Danny is eager to begin his job at Big Cal’s livery stable. He’s especially excited to be working with Pancho, a spirited Palomino that likes to throw his riders. But when Danny takes Poncho out for a ride without permission, he may have thrown his job away. Will Cal still trust Danny?

8)      Dusty’s Disappearance. Tom and Anne’s beloved buckskin mare, Dusty, has disappeared. She’s been missing for four days, and Tom and Anne are nervous. So, on Saturday, Tom and Anne, pack a lunch and set out to find her. Where can she have possibly gotten to?

9)      The Faithful Friend. A flood is rising in the Larson’s front yard – an ugly, seething flood. Mr. Larson gave his word to Mrs. Peterson that they would take her with them to town, but after he breaks his leg, it seems that he will be unable to keep his promise. Unless Paula can ride to her aid on the new, skittery black horse!

10)   The Forgotten Horse. David loves the big bronze horse statue that stands erect in the heart of his city. He names the horse Fleetfoot and often stops in front of it to dream and wish that he had such a magnificent animal. One day, he notices how dirty Fleetfoot is and decides to wash him clean. His work goes well until the stack of boxes he was standing on tips over and he is stranded on top of the pedestal with Fleetfoot. Will David be rescued?

11)   Jennie’s Horse, Jennie’s Pony. Jennie is enamored of her new horse, Laurel. A thoroughbred mare, Laurel is a beautiful chestnut color and runs like the wind. Jennie still likes her old piebald pony, Jingle, but she just doesn’t have the time to spend with anymore. Her priority is to take care of Laurel. It is only when Jingle becomes sick due to her neglect that Jennie realizes how much she really does care for him. But is it too late?

12)   Potro. Nick enjoys his job delivering newspapers – enjoys pedaling down the highway and hurling the papers onto porches. But most of all, he loves it when he can arrange his schedule so that his last stop is at the Garcia farm. There, he can pet Potro, the albino colt. But when Potro escapes from his corral and goes galloping down the highway, Nick is the only person near enough to save him. Can he?

13)   Jacket for a Newcomer. When Heather, one of the family cows, doesn’t come in with the other cows, Karen is worried. So she saddles up her horse, Calico, and sets off to find her. She certainly didn’t expect to find Heather with a newborn calf, or have to bring the two in during a huge thunderstorm. Can Karen manage the three animals and bring them all safely home?

14)   A Pony for Willie. Willie is so excited to be visiting his Grandpa and Grandma – especially because he believes that on this visit, Grandpa will finally give Willie the pony that he’s been longing for. What he doesn’t expect is to be faced with a tough character test, first…


In Storm’s Fury, Jeff is living with his grandfather to help him out. After Jeff rescues Golden Boy, his grandfather gives the horse to Jeff. Jeff’s eyes “fill with tears” and they have a close moment – it is obvious that Jeff appreciates the significance of the gift.

In Sarah’s Summer, Sarah very generously offers to give Joe free riding lessons. He accepts and they develop a sweet relationship.

In Horse and Pony Workshop, Helen expresses slight frustration toward her teacher for spending so much time dwelling on the safety rules which apply to riding. However, after she disregards one of these rules and nearly has an accident, she acknowledges the importance of following safety rules.

In Danny and the Palomino, Danny takes Poncho out for a ride without getting permission from Big Cal. Later, Pete asks Danny if he took Poncho out, but before he can respond, Big Cal replies that Danny wouldn’t do that without first getting permission. Danny feels ashamed of himself and later confesses.

In The Faithful Friend, Paula bravely rescues Mrs. Peterson and thus fulfills her father’s promise.

In A Pony for Willie, Willie is a sweet boy, but he has a bad habit of neglecting his duties. He arrives at his grandparents’ home expecting to be given a pony, but they do not give one to him, although they gave his brother Bob a pony when he was the same age that he is now. Willie begins to wonder why this is, and arrives at the conclusion that it is because he is lazy. He immediately sets out to change this flaw in his character.


In one of the stories, Jann Conrad writes, “the cottonwood tree outside his bedroom window shook as if a giant ghost were savagely flailing its arms.

‘Gosh’ is used twice, and ‘gee’ once.

Conclusion. Unimpressive but sweet.

Review © 2013 Laura Verret

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