Title: Tabby in the TubTabby-in-the-Tub
Author: Ben M. Baglio
Illustrator: Jenny Gregory
Pages: 139
Reading Level: 9-12
Star Rating: ★★★

Once again, Mandy and James take on the world as they battle for the lives of… cats.

The Story.

Mandy and James are cycling to school when a Persian cat darts out into their path and causes James to wreck as he swerves to avoid hitting it. James is all right, and, thankfully, the cat is, too. A beautiful white Persian, Delilah belongs to the Wards and is getting close to delivering a litter of kittens.

But Delilah isn’t the only cat on the block. Another cat – a stray tabby – has been darting about, looking for food, and skittering off at the slightest noise. It takes up residence in the Wards’ shed, and soon Mandy and James learn that she is pregnant, too.

As both cats go into labor at the same time, Mandy worries. Will both cats and all their kittens live through this difficult process? And if they do live, can good homes be found for all of them?


Mandy views the animal world as a mission ground. It is her job to discover any symptom of ill health in the animals she encounters, diagnose the case, and bring full treatment to the poor animal. While I appreciate Mandy’s compassionate/merciful attitude towards animals, sometimes she goes a bit overboard. From what I can see, there is no room for self sufficiency in Mandy’s view of animals – every animal exists to be babied, petted, and waited upon.

Which, of course, is better than being abusive towards animals, but I would have been happier had she found a ‘happy medium’.

Mandy acquired her passion for animals from her veterinarian parents. She helps them at their clinic, cleaning the cages and helping with the treatments. They enjoy healthy relationships – they work together, live together, and have fun together.

Mandy and James share a happy, non-abusive relationship. They tease one another occasionally, but never flirt.

Conclusion. Tabby in the Tub, while still sentimental, is not nearly as silly as Cats in the Campground.

Review © 2013 Laura Verret

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