Title: Lady LollipopLady-Lollipop
Author: Dick King-Smith
Illustrator: Jill Barton
Pages: 122
Reading Level: 8-10
Star Rating: ★★

By the author of Ace and Funny Frank.

The Story.

Princess Penelope has decided what she wants for her birthday. She doesn’t want a puppy. She doesn’t want a kitten. She doesn’t want a pony. What she wants is a pig. So, a pig is what she gets.

And not just any pig. She gets a pig named Lollipop from a boy named Johnny Skinner. Johnny’s a smart lad, and he’s brought out the smartness in Lollipop – she actually obeys his commands! Penelope is delighted at the idea of an obedient pig but soon discovers that Lollipop obeys no one but Johnny. So, she and Johnny set about teaching her how to obey Penelope…

Can Johnny manage to train Lollipop and Princess Penelope at the same time?


The main character of Lady Lollipop is a brattish, spoiled princess named Penelope. She gets her way on every occasion – rules over her father and mother, and is generally disrespectful to everyone. Incidentally, Lollipop’s mother also treats the king with disdainful manipulation, so it’s obvious where Penelope gets it from.

In the first chapter, Penelope decides that she wants a pig. When Penelope finally gets the pig, it is accompanied by Johnny. Johnny is good for Penelope – doesn’t do everything that she tells him, and encourages her to think about her actions. Throughout the course of the book, Penelope becomes more pleasant, but is still spoiled.

But then, the inevitable happens. Penelope and the Queen, who have both been ruling the King have a clash. They both call upon the King to defend their position. He falters, is incapable of any action, and is generally stupid. In the end, Penelope learns that quiet persuasion can earn her just as much as loud fits, and the King is as impotent as ever.

‘Gosh’ is used once.

Conclusion. A humorous read, but not an instructive or exemplary one.

Review © 2013 Laura Verret

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