Title: School DaysSchool-Days
Author: Laura Ingalls Wilder
Illustrator: Renee Graef
Pages: 68
Reading Level: 8-10
Star Rating: ★★★

I purchased School Days thinking that it contained imitation Little House on the Prairie stories. Instead I found that the stories in this book are simplified versions of those found in On the Banks of Plum Creek and The Long Winter.

The entire book is set at school and relates the girls’ experiences there. School is treated as the best option for Mary, Laura, and Carrie – much better than staying at home on the farm and learning from their parents. In what I thought was a sad scene, Laura expresses her desire to stay home and spend more time with Pa, but he insists that she go to school.

“Oh, Pa,” Laura said, “do I have to go to school?”

“You will like school,” said Pa.

“I like it better here,” Laura said.

“I know, little half-pint,” said Pa. “But it isn’t everybody that gets a chance to learn to read and write. Your Ma was a school teacher when we met, and when she came West with me I promised that our girls would have a chance to get book learning. You’re almost eight years old now, and Mary is going on nine. It’s time you began. “ He smiled at her across the water. “Be thankful you’ve got the chance, Laura.”

“Yes, Pa,” Laura sighed.

Laura watched the silvery fish splash in the glittering water. How could she possibly like school better than this? [pg. 5-6]

Other than this, there were no real problems with the stories; excluding the obviously evil characters, love and kindness is demonstrated by all.

Conclusion. As these stories are already included in full in the Little House on the Prairie series, I do not consider School Days to be a necessary purchase.

Review © 2013 Laura Verret

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