Title: StarStar
Author: Jo Ann Simon
Illustrator: Jean Helmer
Pages: 62
Reading Level: 8-10
Star Rating: ★★

Horse story. | :

The Story.

Toni’s always loved horses, but she never tried to ride them before now. She just knew that she would be clumsy and fall off! And she’s still scared of that, but Star is a gentle horse and Jane is a great teacher. Maybe Toni won’t do so badly after all.

As the classes continue, Toni doesn’t do so bad. In fact, she does really well! So well, that her instructor Jane offers to enter her into an upcoming horse show! Toni is excited, but unsure. Can she and Star be ready in time for the competition? Will Toni be able to handle Star gracefully – and maybe win the prize?


The entire reason that Toni began taking lessons was because she viewed it as a way to one-up her beautiful sister, Lara, of whom she is jealous. Lara nowhere displays animosity towards Toni which makes it obvious that the real problem with their relationship is Toni’s insecurity with herself (she is overweight and plain).

Because of her insecurities, Toni doesn’t talk about her riding lessons with her family. For that matter, she doesn’t talk about anything with her family. She doesn’t even ask permission from her parents to be in the show; she just tells them a week before that she’s in it. Because the book was so short and one dimensional, this didn’t really play out, but in real life, this would lead towards independence and rebellion.

‘Gosh’ is used once.

Conclusion. An okay book. Not the best, not the worst – just filler fiction. As far as its genre goes, Pony Days is sweeter.

Review © 2013 Laura Verret

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