Title: Exploring WeatherExploring Weather
Author: Kathy Wilmore
Pages: 29
Reading Level: 9 & up
Star Rating: ★★★

Although it describes and explains many processes of nature – tornadoes, hurricanes, avalanches, thunderstorms, and different cloud types – I found Exploring Weather to be muddling. Its format – boxes upon boxes containing random snippets of information – was distracting and not conducive to connected thinking.

Although I did not prefer Exploring Weather, I did learn a few interesting facts from it. For example…

  • Sand from the Sahara desert has been found in London, England and Chicago, Illinois!
  • Mirages are caused by different layers of air hovering above the ground. Each of these layers is a different temperature, which causes the light to bend in different ways. This is what we see as mirages.
  • Lightning, at 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit, is five times as hot as the surface of the sun!
  • Avalanches can contain up to 100,000 tons of snow and can tumble at speeds of 60 to 200 miles per hour!


Several comments are made about ancient beliefs regarding the weather (the Aztecs and their god, Quetzalcoatl, the Vikings belief in Thor, god of thunder, and the general desire to worship the sun). Global warming is also briefly explained.

A picture is shown of a woman in a bra to illustrate sunburn. It is not sensual, but definitely revealing.

Conclusion. Exploring Weather is less interesting and more obtuse than Can it Rain Cats and Dogs?  , which I would recommend.   

Review © 2013 Laura Verret

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