Title: Jim DunlapJim Dunlap1
Author: Bernard Palmer
Pages: 128
Reading Level: 9-12
Star Rating: ★★★

Meet Jim Dunlap: Christian, adventurer, and semi-detective! This volume contained two of his exploits – The Wingless Plane and The Hidden Treasure.

The Stories.

The Wingless Plane. The United States Air Force, to stimulate originality in new aircraft, is offering a prize of $ 250,000 for the most practical, efficient, new airplane that is submitted to them and Jim’s friend, Dr. Brockton has an invention he thinks meets the bill. But he’s not the only one going for the prize – the implacable Dr. Parker is determined to win it and doesn’t mind engaging in a bit of sabotage if it will serve his purpose. Can Jim and Steve protect Dr. Brockton’s new quadroplane from any funny business? Will Dr. Brockton win the prize?

The Hidden Treasure. An old friend has given Dr. Brockton part of the map to a Mediterranean ship wreck and directions for how to obtain the other half. Dr. Brockton and the boys are able to track down the second half, but before they can put the two together, the original half is stole by Dr. Parker and his henchmen. Can Jim and Steve work out the position of the treasure based upon their map and memory? And will they get to it before the penurious Dr. Parker?


These two stories are very simplistic, but are nevertheless clean and definite in their portrayals of good and evil. Jim and Steve are both responsible, Christian lads who conscientiously perform their duty, even in the face of danger. They are bold in their faith and share it whenever they have the opportunity. Now, this is mainly in an evangelical, you-just-need-to-be-saved manner (rather than a principle-oriented witnessing), and was at times overdrawn, but I appreciated their commitment to their Saviour. Any time difficult situations are faced, prayer is used as a first resort.

Conclusion. Simplistic and mediocre writing, but acceptable stories.

Review © 2013 Laura Verret

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