Title: Love You, Soldierlove-you-daddy1
Author: Amy Hest
Pages: 47
Reading Level: 9-12
Star Rating: ★★★

World War II Story.

The Story.

“Love you, soldier.” And he’s gone. On a train. Being taken away to a savage war. Perhaps never to return. Leaving Katie and Mama alone.

Seven year old Katie aches from her father’s departure but takes solace in her mother’s love. When Mama’s old school friend, Louise moves in with them and her baby, Rosie, is born, that void begins to fill. Slowly, Katie finds that she isn’t so lonely anymore! But she still misses her father.

Will he return from the War? Will she and her mother ever see him again?


I found the relationships in Love You, Soldier to be very positive. Katie loves her father and mother very strongly and they love each other / her, too. In one scene, after Katie’s mother gives Katie’s room away, Katie yells “Mama, no!” The issue is quickly resolved.

Katie has a positive relationship with their older neighbor, Mrs. Leitstein, who teaches Katie how to cook.

At the end of the story, after Katie and Mama have learned of her father’s death, Mama begins writing to an old school friend. Katie experiences understandable pain at the idea of her father being replaced, but in the end accepts her mother’s decision.

In one scene, Katie and her Mama laugh because a woman’s dress blows up, exposing her girdle. Katie later says that she is going to draw a picture of the scene and send it to her father. (?!?!?)

Katie’s family is Jewish – they go to the temple once and pray in another scene. Not much detail is given.

Boyfriends are mentioned.

Conclusion. Not as good as The Night Crossing, or When the Soldiers Were Gone, but good in its own way.

Review © 2013 Laura Verret

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