Title: Mia the Beach CatMia the Beach Cat
Author: Wolfram Hanel
Illustrator: Kirsten Hocker
Pages: 46
Reading Level: Beginner
Star Rating: ★★

A kid and a kitty. D’aww.

The Story.

Maggie is excited to be down at the beach – for the first few days. But then, after playing in the waves and building sand castles for days in a row with nothing else to divert her attention, she becomes tired and bored. What else is there to do?

Mia. Mia, mia. Where is that sound coming from? It sounds like a bird. Or a kitten… And there it is! A sweet little kitten playing on the beach! Maggie is ecstatic to have a new friend and she and Mia (as she names the cat) spend the rest of their time frisking around together. But what will happen when it is time for Maggie and her family to return home? What will happen to Mia?


Maggie finds her parents entirely boring in their desire to lie around sun tanning on the beach. After the Maggie first finds Mia, she tries to bring her home, but both of her parents are very unsympathetic towards her cause and force her to leave the cat behind. Later, when Mia goes missing, Maggie talks her father into helping her find the cat and he begins to feel an interest in her. In the end, Maggie knows that she will not be able to get her parents’ permission to bring Mia home, so she smuggles her in the picnic basket.

Conclusion. An okay story.

Review © 2013 Laura Verret

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