Title: Pilgrim Boypilgrim-boy
Author: Matilda Nordtvedt
Illustrator: Michael Petty
Pages: 112
Recommended Ages: 8-10
Star Rating: ★★★

It’s a pilgrim book!

The Story.

Edward and his family are Separatists. His parents came across the sea from England before he was born, and now they live in Holland where they are free to serve God as they wish. But a war is about to break out between Spain and the Netherlands, and the Separatist elders believe it would be best for them to take a long journey. A journey to the New World!

The voyage over is fraught with danger, and the first winter is even more fatal. Will Edward and his family survive the harsh conditions?


One of the main reasons the Pilgrims desired to leave Holland was because their children were learning the ways of the Dutch youth. Edward was (I thought) an example of this – he often did not understand the values of his parents, wishing he could engage in several activities that they found unacceptable. Whenever he expressed his opinions to his parents, they told him sternly to never ask/say such a thing again and deplored his apparent worldliness, but never took the time to explain or disciple him.

Now, I personally did not have a real problem with the things he wanted to do (celebrate Christmas and laugh on Sundays), and Edward was not rebellious about them. In fact, by the end of the story, he had shown some small improvement; he even prays three times without prompting from anyone.

Several illustrations depict Indians in nothing but loincloths. (Torsos and legs are exposed.)

Conclusion. Better than most Pilgrim stories.

Review © 2013 Laura Verret

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