Title: Rainforest SecretsRainforest-Secrets
Author: Arthur Dorros
Pages: 38
Reading Level: Beginner
Star Rating: ★★★

Rainforests. Jaguars. Anacondas. The Amazon. Fun stuff.

I had a book on rainforests when I was little, so I already knew the basic facts presented in Rainforest Secrets. Still, there were a few new ones that I found interesting.

  • Rain forests get from six feet to more than thirty feet of rain a year. [pg. 3]
  • There are more ants than any other creature in the rain forest. There can be forty kinds of ants all in one tree. [pg. 6]
  • At first it is hard to see the life on the forest floor. But bits of green leaves are moving. The leaves are being carried underground by leaf-cutting ants. The ants chew and spit out the leaves to make gardens where they raise mushroom-like fungi to eat. [pg. 6]
  • “Most trees in the canopy are 60-120 feet tall. But giant emergent trees grow even higher. [pg. 17]
  • A sloth does everything… slowly… It can take a month for a sloth to digest a meal. [pg. 17]
  • Of the 30 million or so kinds of plants and animals that scientists believe live on earth, more than half live in rain forests, even though rain forests cover only a small amount of the earth. [pg. 9]
  • For every kind of plant or animal that we know of in rain forests, scientists think there are at least twenty yet to learn about. [pg. 37]

The illustration style is interesting – it has a sweet / fluffy look to it, but does not exhibit an attention to perspective or dimension. It is more sketchy / approximate than clear / exact.


On pages 25-27, Mr. Dorros laments the sad destruction of the rainforests. He doesn’t exactly call it evil, but he explains the ill effects in sad tones. He also says that “some scientists think that destroying the rain forests will make the whole earth’s climate warmer. The warming is called the greenhouse effect.”

On one page, Mr. Dorros says, “Ferns and palms that look like they could be from the age of the dinosaurs reach for light. Rain forests were around in the time of the dinosaurs.” [pg. 21] He also comments, “Rain forests have taken millions of years to become what they are.” [pg. 27]

Conclusion. Excluding the little glitch right at the end, a very good resource.

Review © 2013 Laura Verret

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