Title: Ten Girls Who Made a DifferenceTen Girls Who Made a Difference
Author: Irene Howat
Pages: 157
Recommended Ages: 10 & up
Star Rating: ★★★★

When I saw this book on the shelf, I thought, Oh, great. Another book extolling the virtues of 20th century feminists. Who wants that? Still, I felt in duty bound to check and see who were those ten girls who made a difference. What I saw surprised me.

Instead of being feminists, or even just random secular women, the ten girls were all Christians – wives or mothers of great men of the faith. Those included were Monica of Thagaste (St. Augustine’s mother), Katherine Luther, Susanna Wesley, Ann Judson, Maria Taylor, Susannah Spurgeon, Bethan Lloyd-Jones, Edith Schaeffer, Sabina Wurmbrand, and Ruth Bell Graham.

Each biography was approximately 13 pages. It began with a brief story from the woman’s childhood and continued with her marriage and most important life work. At the end of each chapter were listed three lessons from the woman’s life and a prayer based upon those lessons. Because of their brevity, the biographies were, of course, not comprehensive and only provided the reader with a few key facts regarding the woman.

One thing that I really liked was how each woman (save Monica) was portrayed supporting her husband in his life mission. It was very encouraging to see how their sacrifices made their husbands’ ministries possible.

Sabina and her husband Richard went out to the movies together before they were married. After they were married, Richard took her to a vulgar party (no other details are given) to show her the contrast between the Christian and unchristian lifestyle.

Susannah Wesley, of course, left her parents’ affiliation with the Dissenters and rejoined the Church of England. Later, after she married, she led meetings in her home while her husband was away.

After Billy Graham’s good looks are described, it is said, “It was no wonder he had plenty of girlfriends.” [pg. 13]

Revivals are spoken of positively.

Conclusion. An excellent though non-comprehensive study of several great women of the faith.

Review © 2013 Laura Verret

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