Title: Nature Got There FirstNature Got There First
Author: Phil Gates
Pages: 80
Reading Level: 10 & up
Star Rating: ★★★

Nature Got There First. Got to what first?

As it turns out, inventions. In this fascinating book, Phil Gates takes a stack of inventions (ranging from basic to groundbreaking) and matches them to near identical design patterns found in the created order. Whether it’s cameras (the eyes!), I-beams (the vertebra!), suction (limpets!), or zippers (the barbules on feathers!), every example provided in the book has a parallel in nature.

As a Christian, I looked at the parallels and marveled at the derivative nature of every invention. Man truly can only imitate his Creator; he can create nothing that is truly new! Unfortunately, Mr. Gates did not draw the same conclusions as I – instead, he wrote of evolutionary adaptation and survival at the beginning of almost every chapter of the book. While this did not ruin the study (an author’s application of principles can be ignored), it did dampen it.

In one illustration, a young girl (approx. nine) is shown seated by a pool wearing a one-piece swimsuit. In another picture, a group of women is shown running in short shorts.

Conclusion. Interesting. I wish a resource such as this could be written by Christians!

Review © 2013 Laura Verret

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