Title: Ponies at the PointPonies at the Point
Author: Ben M. Baglio
Illustrator: Jenny Gregory
Pages: 136
Reading Level: 9-12
Star Rating: ★★★

Animal Ark.

The Story.

James and the Hope family are enjoying their vacation in Ireland immensely. The food is yummy, the scenery is lovely, and best of all, wild ponies roam the beaches! Mandy and James try to learn all they can about the ponies – where did they come from? Are they really wild? And why is one of the foals wearing a halter? It looks as though it’s beginning to cut into her face as she grows…

Mandy and James decide that they need to remove the rope from the foal’s face before the blisters become infected. But will they be able to single out the pony without being attacked by her mother? And will they discover who put the halter on her face in the first place?


Wow. This installment was actually interesting! Between the shift in setting and the fact that the villains were actually villainous, Ponies at the Point held my attention. There was a bit of gushing sentiment from Mandy, but in this case the perceived wrong – a halter on a wild pony – actually had serious eventualities. The pony could die from infection of raw wounds if the halter isn’t removed. (Not a life changing premise, but a more weighty one.) Also, the villains turned out to be horse thieves who were trying to steal and sell the ponies illegally. Far more exciting than the “bad guy” being someone who is allergic to cats…

Conclusion. Interesting.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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