Title: HighpocketsHighpockets
Author: John R. Tunis
Pages: 189
Recommended Ages: 11 & up
Star Rating: ★★★★

Remember The Kid from Tomkinsville? Same author!

The Story.

Cecil McDade is a loner. Although a dedicated ballplayer – and a good one – he can’t get the hang of team play. He’s always trying to show how good he is, to set records for himself, to pull all the stops even if it means disaster for his team. And the crowds sense this self service. They sense it and hate it…

It seems that “Highpockets” (Cecil’s nickname), will never learn to look past himself. That is, until the night when Highpockets accidently hits a young boy with his car and the lad lands in the hospital due to his injuries…

Will Highpockets’ perspective change due to this brush with death?


As I said in The Kid from Tomkinsville, John Tunis writes sports stories which are far more than sports stories. They are stories about character, its development, and its importance.

In Highpockets, we witness definite moral progression as Highpockets progresses from complete self-service to care for others. This happens after Highpockets carelessly runs over a young boy named Dean. Highpockets, who feels guilty over the whole incident, begins to visit Dean in the hospital and develop a relationship with him. Dean is a young boy who, instead of being sports crazy, enjoys collecting stamps. Because Dean treats him as a non-celebrity, Highpockets is able to develop a genuine relationship with Dean which he comes to realize is more important than fame and wealth.

A fun little plus was the brief appearance of the Kid from Tomkinsville. It’s fun when fictional realities inter-connect!

Words like ‘darn’ and ‘shucks’ are used a few times, while mild variations of God’s name are used a total of twenty times.

Conclusion. Sports enthusiasts will really enjoy this story.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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