Title: Lewis and Clark and MeLewis and Clark and Me
Author: Laurie Myers
Illustrator: Michael Dooling
Pages: 64
Recommended Ages: 7 & up
Star Rating: ★★★★★

Remember Seaman of Cross Country with Lewis and Clark? He returns here in this delightful romp across America.

There are several differences between Cross Country with Lewis and Clark and Lewis and Clark and Me, the first being that while in CCLC Seaman claimed to be able to read and write, LC&M presents Seaman’s memories as just that. Memories. The incidents are told in the first person from Seaman’s perspective, but with none of this “I’m a dog who keeps a journal” silliness. The second difference is that while CCLC covered the Lewis and Clark expedition from beginning to end, LC&M records single instances. There are nine individual stories, each of which is based on a portion from Lewis’ journal. (This portion is also included at the end of each chapter, showing the basis for the story.)

In one scene, Seaman catches squirrels and brings them to Lewis. “When it saw me, its eyes bulged with fear. It tried to steer its sleek, fat body away. In one swift move I grabbed it by the neck and killed it.” [pg. 11]

Conclusion. Written for a younger audience than Cross Country with Lewis and Clark, Lewis and Clark and Me is a great introduction to the Lewis and Clark expedition and the loveable Newfoundland, Seaman.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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