Title: Juliet: A Dream Takes FlightJuliet
Author: Anna Kirwan
Illustrator: Lynne Marshall
Pages: 71
Reading Level: 7-11
Star Rating: ★★★

England, 1339.

The Story.

Juliet’s friendship with Marguerite is special. Although far above her in rank, Marguerite welcomes Juliet’s friendship and treats her like a playmate – a sister. But then comes news that Marguerite’s father – a royal knight – has chosen a husband for Marguerite. The two girls are devastated. How can they bear to be thus separated? And when Juliet’s little brother, Alban, accidentally releases a one of Sir Pepin’s specially trained hunting birds, Juliet knows how stiff the punishment could be.

Can Juliet recover the missing bird? And will she and Marguerite be parted forever?


Marguerite’s guardian, Nurse Clotilde, is regarded as an annoying spoilsport to be evaded whenever possible. Juliet, on the other hand, has a good relationship with her parents. In one scene, Juliet even encourages her brother not to lie to their mother.

The story opens with Juliet and Marguerite reciting lines to one another from a story which features a fairy and a magician. This lasts for about a page before their play is cut short. Occasional references are made to saints.

Juliet interacts occasionally with Gil, the falconer’s son, who she says is “A very nice boy with very nice eyes.” [pg. 16] Nothing occurs between them.

Conclusion. Good – not a historically enlightening story, but a friendly, fluffy one.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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