Title: “I Can’t” said the AntI Can't Said the Ant
Author: Polly Cameron
Pages: 34
Recommended Ages: Read Aloud & Beginner
Star Rating: ★★★★

What to do when poor Miss Teapot
Falls from the shelf with a dreadful bang?
Why, use all your muscles and use all your wits,
And hoist her back up to the shelf again!

That, in a nutshell, is the story of “I can’t” said the ant. Told in rhyming poetry, the story begins when Miss Teapot falls and breaks her spout. The narrator, an ant, quickly summons his ant friends, and together they hoist Miss Teapot back to her position on the stove. Along the way they are encouraged, discouraged, observed, doubted, and applauded by the various foods and utensils in the kitchen. This is an example, taken just after Miss Teapot falls.

“How bleak,” said the leak.
“She’ll die,” said the fly.
“She will not,” said the pot.
“Don’t be dumb,” said the crumb.
“Keep cool,” said the stool.
“They’ll fix her,” said the mixer.
“We haven’t lost yet,” said the omelette.
“Give them time,” said the lime.
“There’s still hope,” said the soap.
“They’ll mend her,” said the blender.
[pgs. 16-17]

In the midst of each line is a sketchy drawing of the item which is supposedly speaking. It’s so cute.

As is obvious from the synopsis, I can’t” said the ant is a story in which inanimate objects converse along with animals. No people are involved in the dialogue.

‘Gosh’ is used once.

Conclusion. Clever, clever, clever. And exceedingly sweet.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret


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