Title: The Story of SacajaweaThe STory of Sacajawea
Author: Della Rowland
Illustrator: Richard Leonard
Pages: 91
Recommended Ages 8-12
Star Rating: ★★★★

Everybody knows Sacajawea’s name, but few the actual details of her life.

Her Life.

When Sacajawea was a small girl, she was not known as Sacajawea by her Shoshoni tribe. No, she was known as Little Bird – until she was kidnapped by a party of Minnetaree Indians during her 13th year. Suddenly, Sacajawea had to adjust to life in a new tribe – the homes were different and, instead of traveling nomadically, the Minnetaree Indians lived in a village all year long.

Several years after her capture, Sacajawea was sold to a French trapper who wanted her for his wife. While not an entirely happy arrangement, this marriage was significant because it was the tie which connected Sacajawea to the Lewis and Clark expedition.

When Lewis and Clark hired Toussaint Charbonneau to serve as their guide, they also brought Sacajwea – then only sixteen and expecting her first child – along as an interpreter. They had no idea that she would be of more service to them than her husband, or what a joy her baby son would be to them around the camp. As little Jean Baptiste or “Pomp” grew, he became the joy and hope of the team.

Sacajawea herself managed, not only to serve as translator and guide, but also to find her brother, whom she had not seen since her capture! It was a happy reunion and one of the few moments when Sacajawea ever allowed her true emotions to show through her stoicism.

With Sacajawea’s help, The Lewis and Clark expedition not only traveled across the entire west to the Pacific Ocean, but returned with much valuable experience and information. Thanks to Sacajawea, the expedition was a success!


It is said that Sacajawea’s people “believed nature gave them their life through the food they gathered.”

It is said that after Sacajawea married her husband he often became angry with her and sometimes hit her. It is also stated that he had more than one wife.

Conclusion. Great! I really like the “Story of biography series.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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