Title: Samuel de ChamplainSamuel de Champlain
Author: Adrianna Morganelli
Pages: 32
Recommended Ages: 9-12
Star Rating: ★★★★

So, I’d never even heard of Samuel de Champlain until I bought this book for $ .50 in the clearance section at Half-Priced Books…

His Life.

Samuel de Champlain was born in approximately 1567 AD in the seaport town of Brouage, France. Unlike most of his playmates, Champlain was taught to read and write, and while still in his teens he served in the French army. These early encounters with education and warfare would serve him in good stead as he navigated his way across the globe and engaged in conflicts with Indians in North America.

Champlain embarked on over twenty different voyages – in some of these he helped settle Acadia, build various forts, and establish a thriving fur trade with the Indians. He was one of the first Frenchman to explore Canada and is today credited as the founder of French influence in Canada.


A picture is included of a battle between Indians and settlers, in which the Indians have no clothes on at all. The illustration style is blotchy, but still revealing.

A depiction is shown of a sea monster baring its teeth at a ship.

Conclusion. A good, basic introduction to a little known explorer.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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