Title: Duckling: At Home on the PondDuckling at Home on the Pond
Author: Sarah Toast
Illustrator: Judith Love
Pages: 16
Recommended Ages: Read-Aloud
Star Rating: ★★★

One day, Mother Duck lays nine smooth eggs. She sits on them for many long days before they finally hatch and Dabble makes his way into the world. Dabble and his siblings enjoy trotting behind their mother, exploring their new world as she makes her way down to the pond. But there, among the tasty water plants, lurks a hungry snapping turtle. Will Dabble and his siblings be safe?

(Of course, Mother Duck intervenes and drives the snapping turtle away. I’m not sure how realistic that actually is – after all, what’s a snapping turtle got to fear from a duck? – but it’s very sweet!)

As with Baby Kangaroo, I am positive that I read this book as a child. I recognized all of the illustrations and the storyline. It felt like a total throwback to fifteen years ago!

Conclusion. Cute – not especially educational, but fun for animal-loving tots.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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