Title: Flight Into DangerFlight Into Danger
Author: Franklin W. Dixon
Pages: 153
Reading Level: 11 & up
Star Rating: ★★★

Hardy Boys Casefiles!

The Story.

Frank Hardy is exhibiting a near childlike excitement. He, his brother Joe, and his girlfriend, Callie Shaw, are attending the annual air show at Bayfield Airport, and if anything excites Frank, it’s aviation. The show also gives Frank the opportunity to visit with his old friend and former ace navy pilot, Ray Adamec, who is piloting the all-new supersleek jet, MAX-1 as invented by Max Lachlan, Ray’s employer.

But when Ray and Mr. Lachlan get into a heated argument and both Ray and the MAX 1 disappear, the evidence seems to indicate that Ray stole the jet to revenge himself on Mr. Lachlan. But would Ray do such a thing?


As in Nowhere to Run, the Hardy boys are called upon to help prove the innocence of an old friend. But Frank exhibits far more maturity in proving his friend’s innocence than Joe did in his heated attempts to clear Biker Conway.

I have no wish to give away the plot, but I will say that by the end of the story, the Hardy boys aren’t flying a harmless piece of transportation equipment. They’re piloting an assault jet, armed with an “energy-beam weapon” and find themselves delving into deep levels of government conspiracies. Exciting stuff.

Callie follows Frank around a bit, and Ray’s girlfriend, Moira Lachlan, is also integral to the plot. Before Joe realizes that she is “taken” he whistles and admires her physical appearance. When he finds out that she is Ray’s, he mutters “Why are the good ones always taken?” but quickly finds solace in the smiles of Jill Stern, a reporter.

Conclusion. Better than Nowhere to Run, but not quite as good as the original series.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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