Title: Song of the TreesSong of the Trees
Author: Mildred D. Taylor
Pages: 52
Reading Level: 10 & up
Star Rating: ★★★

Written by Mildred Taylor, author of Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry and about the same family.

The Story.

Cassie’s daddy is working down in Louisiana. The rest of the family waits in Mississippi for him to return with the money they need for food and medicine. Mama does so worry when Papa’s gone. They all do.

And this time they have something extra to trouble them. Mr. Andersen is trying to bully the Logans into selling him trees off of their land. It would give them the needed cash, but would Papa approve of it? If only he would come back home!


Mildred D. Taylor is excellent at characterization. She has demonstrated this time and again, and Song of the Trees is no exception. Of course, Song is short – very short. At fifty-two pages, it only concerns the one episodic story, but it handles it well.

I enjoyed the family relationships in Song of the Trees. There is an absolute reliance among them, as indeed there must needs be at that time and with those racial prejudices most common. Especially touching was the children’s trust in their father and the absolute relief they experience when he shows up and “saves” them from Mr. Andersen. The children aren’t perfect, but have a strong family sense.

Cassie likes to pretend that the trees sing to her.

‘Darn’ is used once, and Mr. Andersen refers to Mr. Logan as a “jackass”.

Conclusion. People who have enjoyed Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry will appreciate this continued story of the Logan family.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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