Title: Fish HeadFish Head
Author: Jean Fritz
Illustrator: Marc Simont
Pages: 40
Reading Level: Beginner
Star Rating: ★★★

Fish Head is a cat who most loves having his own way. And his way is the alley way, dodging between barrels as he chases river rats, and stealing an occasional fish head from fishermen. But that all changes the day he accidentally chases a rat onto a ship – and the ship sets sail before he can regain shore! This is the first time Fish Head has ever not had his way and he is NOT happy. But will his sour attitude last through his delightful voyage?

The illustration style is bold with strong black outlines. The only shading is done in orange and blue.

Conclusion. A cute story. I enjoyed Blueberries for Sal and The Story of Ferdinand better as read-alouds, but Fish Head is cute, too.

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