Title: The Case of the Mysterious DognapperThe Case of the Mysterious Dognapper
Author: M. Masters
Illustrator: Stephen Cardot
Pages: 98
Recommeded Ages: 9-12
Star Rating: ★★★

Presenting Hawkeye Collins and Amy Adams in The Case of the Mysterious Dognapper.

The Stories.

The Case of the Imperfect Crime. When Mrs. Peterson trips into the Collins’ home shrieking that a valuable painting has been stolen, Hawkeye immediately agrees to help in the investigation. What he discovers is that the thief was very neat indeed…

The Case of the Mysterious Dognapper. Mrs. Von Buttermore is distraught by the news of the kidnapping of her Great Dane, Priceless. Can Amy and Hawkeye solve her case with only the ransom note for a clue?

The Mystery of the Moody Medallion. In his will, Mr Moody left a gold medallion to Hawkeye – so long as he can find the location of its hiding spot. Not only to Hawkeye long for the medallion, he also wants to crack the case!

The Case of the Stashed Cash. Mr. Bertolini, owner of the local pizza shop is certain that his employee, Frank has been stealing from him. But he can’t find the money to seal his case! Can Hawkeye?

The Mystery of the Double-Crossed Inheritance. Hawkeye is just certain that Mr. Mendez’s will leaving his estate to his niece, Miss Pleasance, is wrong. The money should go to his other niece, Christina. Could this will possibly be a forgery?

The Secret in the Stands. Amy and Hawkeye have received news that a group of high schoolers might try to ruin the middle schoolers’ football game!  But which youths? And how do they intend to pull off their prank?

The Case of the Reptile Rip-Off. When Mrs. McMurtle’s pet boa constrictor disappears shortly after Ryan dares Justin to steal it, it looks rather as though Justin is the culprit – after all, he always accepts every dare! But Justin claims that this time he’s innocent. Can he prove it?

The Mystery of the Musical Phone Call. Bobby Banks has been kidnapped! The kidnappers were seen shoving him into their car, and were even seen pulling into a cul-de-sac, where the police believe they are still hidden. Hawkeye must figure out which house they’re in and rescue Bobby!

The Secret of the Smuggler’s Car. Sergeant Treadwell is investigating a case of smuggling. He has stopped the smuggler multiple times, but can never find the smuggled platinum. Where is it being hidden?

The Secret of the Ancient Treasure Trove Part 4. Hawkeye and Amy have discovered a rebus which should communicate the whereavbouts of Mrs. Von Buttermore’s grandfather’s treasure trove. But can they decipher it?


The Case of the Mysterious Dognapper is a less outrageous but easier to solve version of Encyclopedia Brown. There is no fighting amongst children (as in Encyclopedia Brown), and often the children work alongside adults.

In one scene, Hawkeye and Amy toss up the idea that a house may be haunted. It isn’t. In another story, Amy and Hawkeye were on their way to an arcade when they get sidetracked by a case.

‘Heck’ is used once.

Conclusion. Good. Encyclopedia Brown readers will enjoy this.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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