Title: The Roquefort GangThe Roquefort Gang
Author: Sandy Clifford
Pages: 79
Recommended Ages: 9 & up
Star Rating: ★★★★★

A story in which the protagonists are a set of MICE.

The Story.

Nicole loves her life. Not only is she fitted out with fine clothes and delicious food, but she has a comfortable home with old Major Tybo and his twin wards, whom she loves as her own siblings.

One day, while Nicole shops for their makeshift family, the twins decide to embark on an adventure to Wild-berry Lot, home of the dangerous Wileycats. They believe that together they can defeat a cat and be heralded as heroes. But Nicole knows that their venture is perilous beyond description. She must find them before their recklessness causes their death!

Unable to prevent them from entering Wild-berry Lot, Nicole determines to follow them and try to warn them before it is too late. When she meets the Roquefort Gang, a tough three-mouse posse who chooses to live in Wild-berry Lot, she is unsure whether they mean to hurt or help her. But does she have any other choice but to accept their aid before she and the twins are eaten by the Wileycats?


My word. This story is WAY too stinkin’ cute. Think of it as an epic drama for children – peopled with mice as protagonists and cats/humans as antagonists. Although I enjoyed Nicole as a character (she would probably be considered the ‘main’ character), my favorites were the members of the Roquefort gang. Tough and weather-beaten, they are ever willing to lend their might to the side of justice. Brandishing needles for swords (the eye serves as a perfect handle!), the Roquefort Gang defends the weak and defeats the mighty all the while chanting,

“We’re three for one
And one for three.
The Roquefort Gang
Is who are we!
Though danger’s near
We think not twice.
What’s there to fear?
ARE WE NOT MICE?” [pg. 28-29]

Musketeerian, eh?

Also, the evil looking antagonist, Keats the cat, takes after his namesake, Keats the poet, and declaims his threats in purring poetry.

When Nicole first goes in search of the twins, she gives Major Tybo a false story so that he will not experience emotional distress. He quickly discovers her lie and appears up at an opportune moment in the search.

Although a fantastical story is reported concerned Wileycats and their characteristics, these are later proved to be untrue.

Conclusion. Just darling – adventures with dashes of chivalry and family affection.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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