Title: Blaze and the Lost QuarryBlaze and the Lost Quarry
Author: C. W. Anderson
Pages: 47
Recommended Ages: Beginner
Star Rating: ★★★★

Billy and Blaze!

The Story.

Billy and Blaze love to explore! They often trot down long roads just to see what is at the end of them, and run into adventure along the way. One day, Billy and Blaze met and old man who told them a story about a long-lost quarry which is said to lie down the road they are on. Billy determines to find it!


This was my first experience with Billy and Blaze. I’ve been hearing lots about the series from various parents and children who all seem to love the series. So what was my impression of Billy and Blaze?

Honestly, my impression is that the characters have a lot to offer, but that this particular installment was below what I expected it to be. The illustrations are wonderful, and the adventurey-off-to-see-the-world theme was great too, but I found that the story didn’t close well. Billy and Blaze set off to discover the quarry, and what happens? They find the quarry with no difficulty. (Unless you consider jumping over a fallen tree to be a difficulty.) There is nothing especially amazing about the quarry. While at the quarry, Billy pulls a dog out of the quarry lake, who presumably becomes Billy’s pet. Sweet stuff, but not very adventurous.

Conclusion. All in all, I’m willing to give Billy and Blaze loads more tries, and I hope my future experiences with the series are more engaging.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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