Title: Pigs Love PotatoesPigs Love Potatoes
Authors: Anika Denise
Iluustrator: Christopher Denise
Pages: 32
Recommended Ages: Read-Aloud
Star Rating: ★★★★

There’s nothing porky pigs love better than a plump peeled potato! It all started when one pig asked Mamma to make a potato for him. Then one pig’s little brother came to watch, and two pig’s little sister wanted to play tag, then four pigs waited on the front porch, where a fifth neighbor pig joined them…

In the end, ten plump potatoes have been peeled and pared and plated by the very porky piggies. And what lovely potatoes they were!


Allright. I have to admit that this book was, well, piggily precious. I’m a potato lover myself, so I could identify with each of the little pigs as they wandered into the kitchen, noticed the meal in progress, and begged to add an extra potato to the pot. Mamma Pig handles their requests well, not getting flustered by their prodigious appetites, but also not allowing them piglets to mooch. She sets them to work peeling and washing the potatoes.

The little piggies live in a house and wear clothes – one of them (Piggy Number Two) even wears spectacles! All of the piggies are very happy together, and this little rhyme finished off the cuteness that was Pigs Love Potatoes.

Well since pigs love potatoes
To Mamma’s great delight
The very piggy piggies
Eat each and every bite.

The only thing that Mamma tells
Her piggies they must do
Is kiss her cheek and clear their plates
When piggies are all through.

: )

Conclusion. Very cute. For parents who don’t mind talking animals, this book will be a porky delight. : )

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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