Title: Mystery by MoonlightMystery by Moonlight
Author: Mary C. Jane
Illustrator: Raymond Abel
Pages: 128
Reading Level: 9-12
Star Rating: ★★★

Random children’s mystery.

The Story.

Gail is a writer. She loves sneaking off to her special spot in the woodshed at Morgan’s Green, and just sitting down to write out her thoughts and feelings. She wishes her little brothers wouldn’t tease her so much about the stories she writes – maybe they aren’t so special, but they’re her own work, and she is proud of them!

But now, a real life mystery is happening. Items are going missing all around town – mostly antiques – and if Sheriff Prescott doesn’t find the thief soon, he could lose his job. Could the mysterious disappearances be at all connected to the strange sounds Gail’s been hearing at the deserted house on Morgan’s Green?


Gail and her brothers don’t exactly fight, but they don’t completely get along, either. They tease her for her imaginative writing, and she responds in irritation. She feels that no one really appreciates her interest in writing, and sometimes wishes she could have more “alone” time.  However, after she watches how her friend, Lianne, handles Ted’s teasing, she realizes that she should change her strategy of dealing with them – by responding in irritation, she’s been feeding the teasing itself. Instead she should respond patiently and with kindness as Lianne did, which I thought was a good lesson for everyone who has to deal with annoyances on a day-to-day basis.

Of course, when Gail first hears the sounds coming from Morgan’s Green, the possibility of its being haunted is suggested. Gail’s friend, Lianne, is the most stubborn about the issue, insisting that there are such things as ghosts. In the last chapter, Gail’s father mentions clairvoyance. By the end of the story, it has been proved that the house is not haunted.

‘Gee’, ‘heck’, and ‘darn’ are used.

Conclusion.  Fine. Better books can definitely be found, but this one isn’t bad as far as mysteries go.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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