Title: The Seven Wonders of the World!The Seven wonders of the world
Author: Melissa Snowden
Illustrator: Andrea Morandi
Pages: 80
Reading Level: 9-12
Star Rating: ★★

I purchased this expecting it to be a children’s book about the seven wonders of the world. Instead, it finds new wonders – wonders based on different categories and criteria – and describes them in their fullness.

The style of the text is definitely more modern and seems designed to appeal to children whose main source of entertainment is television, not books. Most of the wonders included seem to have been chosen based on their appeal to children and childish interests (oversized amusement parks, toy stores, and video arcades) rather than lasting artistic, historic, or architectural phenomena.

One of the wonders is an artificial beach; a picture is included which shows lots of people in swimsuits.  A picture is shown of a statue with only a loincloth.

The Grand Canyon and Mount Everest, two of the more noteworthy inclusions in the book, are described in terms of evolutionary philosophy.

One section – Ancient Wonders – includes ancient temples and idols including information concerning the gods they were created to honor.

The statue of Christ in Brazil is included.

Conclusion. Not really worth reading.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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