Title: Robert E. LeeRobert E. LEe
Author: Helen Albee Monsell
Illustrators: James Arthur & Gray Morrow
Pages: 192
Recommended Ages: 7-10
Star Rating: ★★★★

As an installment in the Childhood of Famous Americans, Robert E. Lee focused itself mainly on the events of Lee’s childhood – family moves, form of education, and favorite modes of play. What really tickled me was that in this story, when Robert and his brother, Smith, played pretend battles, they didn’t make up vague stories about patriots and redcoats. Instead, they would take turns pretending to be their father, “Light Horse Harry” Lee, who served with General Washington during the American War for Independence. Isn’t that just darling?

The practice of kissing a girl under the mistletoe is mentioned. Also, mentioned are Jack Frost and wishbones.

Conclusion. Good – I have a more detailed biography of Lee that I plan to read and review soon.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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