Title: StormsStorms1
Author: Paul E. Lehr
Pages: 79
Reading Level: 9-12
Star Rating: ★★★★

Ever wonder how a storm formed? What conditions are necessary for their formations? How they are tracked and categorized? How much damage different kinds of storms can cause? Storms is the book for you!

It’s true that the pictures that accompany the text are a bit dingy and out of date. But the written content is still informative and ranges from studies of thunderstorms to tornadoes, hurricanes, waterspouts, and snowstorms. The basic wind currents of Earth are discussed as well as the areas of high and low pressure that they create – and which in turn help to create our weather patterns.

Here are a few fun facts for you.

  • A hurricane may be 2,000 times as large as the average tornado, but it is less than half as violent.
  • A flash of lightning heats the air in its path to about 27,000 degrees Fahrenheit (15,000 C)! [pg. 43]
  • During different tornadoes the following phenomenal events have occurred: a 700 pound refrigerator was found 3 miles from the house out of which it had been lifted, a boy awakened to the discovery that his bed had been whisked out from under him by the wind, and a train engine was lifted from its rails and set down on another track headed in the opposite direction! [pg. 8]

When discussing thunderstorms, Lehr writes, “Prehistoric man trembled at thunder and lightning. To him the sound and fury of the storm meant his gods were angry. Many primitive people today believe a thunderstorm is supernatural and look to their witch doctors for protection.” [pg. 33]

Conclusion. Good for aspiring meteorologists.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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