Title: AircraftAircraft
Author: Ian Graham
Pages: 46
Recommended Ages: 9 & up
Star Rating: ★★★★★

I’ve never been huge into anything mechanical or engineer-ish. This despite the fact that my dad loves trying to figure out what’s wrong with our car and re-routing wires for our ceiling fans.

The closest I’ve come to being aviator-minded is my pair of aviator sunglasses (which I adore). I also once wrote a poem about airplanes. What a lark.

Anyway, that was all to build up to the startling (and awe-inspiring) pronouncement that this book, this Aircraft was riveting. Even to all not-so-interested-in-airplanes me. Which is saying a lot.

The book opens discussing the different kinds of aircraft – civilian, military, etc. – and some of the most basic principles of flight (lift, thrust, weight, drag, pitch, roll, and some other nice-sounding words). From there, Aircraft dove straight into discussing each of the major developments in aircraft over the last century from the Wright Brothers’ first flight, through the bombers of WWI and WWII, airships, flying boats, fighter jets, commercial flyers, and spyplanes. It was really interesting to see how many gigantic leaps were made just in one hundred years, and wonder how much more advanced aviation technology will be in another hundred years.

The illustrations were just wonderful. Full images are given of the outside of each aircraft as well as cutaways and illustrations of the seating arrangements, gunnery, pilot’s clothing, and routes taken.

Conclusion. Great – not in depth, but a superb introduction for young pilots. ;)

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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