Title: Without YouWithout You
Author: Sarah Weeks
Illustrator: Suzanne Duranceau
Pages: 35
Recommended Ages: Read Aloud
Star Rating: ★★★★★

I’ve always had a soft spot for penguins. It started when my family checked ‘Scamper the Penguin’ out from the library. My sister and I still sing the theme song from time to time.

♫ Penguins are very friendly chaps.
Their bellies are white
They look all feathered
And their backs are black… ♫

Ahem. Yes, well. You might say I totally just spent a few minutes on Youtube listening to… a lecture on philosophy. Definitely a lecture. Whatever it was, it was NOT the Scamper the Penguin theme song. Nope.

I don’t think anyone believes me.

But why am I blitherin’ on about my history as a penguin aficionado? Because Without You is another penguin story – and one far more meaningful than Scamper the Penguin. In this splendidly illustrated picture book, we stay with a penguin chick from his hatching through the long winter months as he stays huddled on his father’s feet waiting for his mother to return from her feeding spell in the ocean. Every few pages, the chick thinks “Where would I be without you?” referring to his father and the variety of ways he cares for his child. In the end, the penguin mother returns and all are happily reunited!

Conclusion. I actually started feeling a bit emotional reading this story. So yeah, definitely a great book.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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