Title: Counting ChicksCounting Chicks
Author: Kirsten Mayer
Illustrator: Eren Blanquet Unten
Pages: 13
Reading Level: Read Aloud
Star Rating: ★★

This book came in a pack with four other picture books from Goodwill. So, although I did choose it, I didn’t exactly choose it. Does the distinction ring true with you? No? Never mind, it’s probably my fault.

Anyway. So, this is one of those books that helps children to count. The general idea is that the Easter Bunny has given chicks Phil and Carlos the job of filling up a child’s Easter basket with goodies. For one Easter basket, the treats include two chocolate bunnies, three painted easter eggs, four marshmallow chicks, five lollipops, six gummy carrots… You get it.

Apart from  the whole Easter Bunny theme, the only other bothersome thing I noticed was the demeanor of the two chicks. As pressure mounts to finish the basket, Carlos (the older, managerial chick) grows increasingly stressed and demanding, requiring more and more exhausting work from Phil (the younger  footsoldier) who is dashing around frantically while Carlos calls items off from his list. Imbalance of duties much?

Conclusion. So-so. Get a Winnie the Pooh counting book. :)

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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