Title: The Exiled PrinceThe Exiled Prince
Author: Elizabeth Rice Handford
Pages: 102
Recommended Ages: 9-14
Star Rating: ★★★★

A story of Daniel, Prince of Israel.

The Story.

Daniel and his friends, Hannaniah, Mishael, and Azariah were but youths when they were taken as hostages by the King of Babylon in exchange for King Jehoiakim’s pledge of good faith. They were frightened, but unshaken in their faith – even in their exile, God had a plan. Little did they know that they would act as examples of God’s great power and majesty to the entire Babylonian kingdom!


I remember when I was in sixth grade or so reading a book called The Fugitive King as part of my literature program. It was the story of King David told in storybook form. I enjoyed it – and somehow remembered the author’s name all these years. Her name was Elizabeth Rice Handford. Yes, she is also the author of The Exiled Prince.

The Exiled Prince is steeped in Bible verses and references. Many of Daniel’s statements are direct quotes (or paraphrases) from the book of Daniel. While occasional conversations here and there between Daniel and his friends were added, these mostly consist of references to God’s mighty deeds from other parts of the Old Testament.

On page 66, it is mentioned that King Astyages was so furious with his officer, Harpagus, for not killing Cyrus, that he killed the son of Harpagus, had part of his body used to make a meal, and served it to Harpahus for supper! Yuuuuuuuuck.

Ms. Handford writes that as Daniel wept and prayed and fasted, an angel waited impatiently in heaven with a message for Daniel. A few pages later “God up in Heaven smiled and told the angel he could leave with his message.” [pgs. 94 & 98] A little creative license, but not really troubling.

Conclusion. Good. Of course, the story of Daniel can be found in the Bible, but children will enjoy this more explanatory account of Daniel’s life.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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