Hardy Boys #24Title: Scene of the Crime
Author: Franklin W. Dixon
Pages: 154
Reading Level: 9-12
Star Rating: ★★★

The Hardy Boys Casefiles.

The Story.

A series of mysterious accidents has been plaguing the set of Sy Osserman’s most recent action film. The stunts required for the films are already dangerous, but with the additional factor of sabotage, the lives of several actors may actually be at risk!

Osserman is hesitant to call in the police – he is afraid that the negative publicity may damage the movie’s reputation. So instead, he hires Joe and Frank as “crew” – they will pretend to be rookie stuntmen, but will really keep an eye on the different players in the drama.

Unfortunately, the Hardy Boys’ talent for being at the scene of the crime earns them the suspicious attention of Officer Fraser, local policeman. Can the Hardys catch the criminal while also maintaining their own innocence?


As I’ve mentioned in my reviews of The Crowning Terror, Too Many Traitors, and Street Spies, the Hardy Boys Casefiles has a different feel to them than the original Hardy Boys stories – they are set in a later decade, and the boys exhibit a more grim, hardened attitude towards life. In this particular story, they get to show off their muscularity and derring-do as they participate in dangerous stunts and even commit a burglary to rescue a friend of theirs. Great fun.

Joe and Frank mix with a variety of actors and actresses, including star Bruce Quinn, and his girlfriend, Kitt Macklin, who flirts a little with Joe, using a “sexy” voice. As it turns out, Kitt is unhappy with her boyfriend, Bruce, who has begun paying attention to a stuntwoman, Janet. They argue a few times, but in the end seem to be happy together.

Conclusion. Better than Too Many Traitors and The Crowning Terror, but still not as good as the real Hardy Boys.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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