Title: Blue ColtBlue Colt
Author: Eulalia Bourne
Illustrator: Pam Fullerton
Pages: 103
Reading Level: 9-13
Star Rating: ★★★

How was I supposed to pass up a book written by someone named “Eulalia Bourne”?!?

The Story.

Eleven year old Manuel Cota is devastated when he hears that his good friend and fellow horse-lover, Bill, is leaving to re-join the Navy. Manuel knows that he will be lonesome without his ranching friend around to keep him company. But Bill has a surprise for Manuel. It is true that he is going away, but he is leaving a small colt behind. If Manuel can train him during the year that Bill plans to be away, the colt will be his!

But Pacifico, as Manuel names the colt, is no ordinary animal – he is of superb build and performance. Several horse dealers start to cast their eyes on him, and Manuel is nervous. What if one of them tries to steal Pacifico before Bill returns?


I read this book a few weeks back, and I still can’t decide whether it was dull or interesting. Which, I guess means that it wasn’t really either – it was just mediocre.

The idea behind the story was good enough, but the story itself just humdrummed along. I think the two main contributing factors to this humdrummyness was 1.) the fact that there weren’t really any chapters. This lack of categorization just made the whole story smush together and didn’t allow the exciting incidents to stand out with enough clarity. 2.) Manuel lives with his grandmother and all she ever does is WHINE because he actually wants to spend time taming his colt. Manuel was (in my opinon) a super-attentive grandson, but nothing he ever did was good enough for her. Talk about annoying.

In one scene, Manuel’s grandmother punishes him by making him sit in front of the in house shrine – a “picture of the Holy Child in a gilded frame”. Later, Manuel returns home and finds his grandmother asleep with her rosary in her hand.

A woman tells Manuel that “the horse will bring you luck. And not to you alone. There is a man. And a woman.” [pg. 58] As it turns out, Pacifico does bring “luck” to these three.

God’s name is used twice (as well as diminuitive versions ‘gee’ and ‘gosh’) while ‘d***’ is used once and ‘h***’ twice. ‘Dang’ and ‘darn are each used.

Conclusion. An alright story – like I mentioned earlier, it’s just mediocre.

Review © 2014 Laura Verret

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